Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Court Surface at Campus Martius Park - a challenge

Playing boule upon the same surface every time can give you a false sense of predictability.  Tournaments played on your home court will give you some advantage as you familiarity with the "lay of the land" should give you inside information to all of the dips and "puddles" of gravel that might not be apparent.  That is why you should try to mix things up a bit by either varying the places you play petanque (in our case, moving across the street from our usual stomping grounds) or throwing some small twigs and rocks upon the surface to give you and your team a modified terrain.  Remember, the original game of petanque is played in the town squares in the South of France and those squares are littered with bumps, tree roots, and even small trees!

Pat and Sam really warmed up to the different ground surface, which was very FAST running with sparse gravel

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