Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Boule Playing As the Christmas Tree is Lowered into Campus Martius Park

Today's game was full of careful playing by the rules as a cochonnet, knocked (for an Article 13 hopeful) out of bounds bounced against a "dead boule" that remained on the court.  The ruling?  The cochonnet was still in-play as it did not leave the field of play but the dead boule became dead when a player (from the same team as the boule thrown) stopped the boule with his foot before it rolled off the court.  This is an "understood policy" with our club (out of convenience) so as not to have to chase down far flung invalid boules across the pavement. 

Technically, the "dead" boule should have been allowed to leave the court before being touched by a player, and removed (as per Article 18 - "Boules out of Play"):

Any dead boule must immediately be removed from the playing area*. If it is not it will be considered in-play once the next boule is played by the opposing team.

* It is the responsibility of the team playing to remove any dead boule that has re-entered the playing area. If the dead boule is not removed and the next boule is played by the same team, and as a result of that play the dead boule is struck or strikes other boules, the opponent may choose to accept all the new positions of those boules or declare them all dead. The same applies if the jack hits, or is moved by, the dead boule or boules set in motion by it. Regardless of the opponent's choice, the re-entered boule remains dead and must be removed.

The cochonnet, upon hitting the non-removed "dead boule" would be considered dead or kept at it's resting position.  I chose to keep the cochonnet where it lay, but to remove the dead boule (as it's movement was interfered with by a player from the throwing team).

The result was that the opposition was able to get three points from that round - and the eventual win 13/11.

Jeff, Sam, Tim, Pat, Abu, Fred, and Maury just before their big petanque game

Lots of analysis of strategy and rules for the petanque games at Cadillac Square Park

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