Tuesday, November 01, 2011

2nd Boule Played When 1st Boule Already Had the Point

Today's game brought up a situation where a Player from Team-A threw a boule which was closest, but he didn't realize and he then threw a 2nd boule.  Then Team-B  threw their boule to get closer.  What is the proper protocal/rule for this situation?

Typically, if the proximity of the 1st boule was not obvious, and a measurement was not called for, and the 2nd boule was thrown, we would keep the 2nd boule on the court where is rested.  It is advised that teams have a member at the cochonnet end of the court to observe and measure when closeness is not obvious.

Article 16 – Throwing of the First and Following Boules

The first boule of an end is thrown by a player belonging to the team that has won the toss or the last scoring end. Following boules are played by the team not holding the point.

Article 24 – Throwing Boules Contrary to the Rules.

Any boule thrown contrary to the rules is dead and, if marked, everything it has moved in its travel is put back in place. The same applies to any boule played from a circle other than that from which the jack was thrown.

However, the opponent may play the advantage rule and declare it to be valid. In this case, the boule pointed or shot is valid and everything it has displaced remains in its place

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