Friday, August 24, 2012

Friday's Game a Win and a Loss

Our game began slowly, with the competition gaining one point per round - for forty minutes of playing.  Then switching out Abu for Tim, Team-Fred/Tim lost 4 to our 7 (13/10) in the second game.  The layout in the last round was a giveaway of points, however, here's what it looked like:
What would you have done if you were on Team Fred/Tim?

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bhorn said...

Obvious poussette opportunity for Fred/Tim.

Shooting in this situation is a zero error strategy. You have to either hit and carreau the first ball or shoot both balls in order to have the point. In addition Fred/Tim's balls are directly behind the target ball which could lead to further problems if you miss long.

A poussette on the left ball however is a high percentage play. If they miss to the right they still might knock the cochnonet back to their boules or it might actually poussette on the ball to the right setting up a shot on the ball on the left. If the poussette works perfectly it will leave a ball that's impossible for Jeff's team to shoot without shooting their own ball in the process.