Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Shayla joins the Club and earns her first Win

 Today we had nine players (in one game).  Yes, we ought to break up into two games of 5 and 4 players, but we knew by the mix that it would be more fun to play as one group.  And it turned out to be quite a competitive match with both teams playing hard for every point.  At the end, we ran low on time and made a 13/12 decider round, which is fair as our scores were pretty even at that point.
Alpha brought along his friend, Shayla, who went to Pat's team on a coin toss (a big coin toss) - which turned out to be quite a catch for Team-Pat (Pat; Tim; Fred & Shayla) since her pointing was excellent.

We had lots of folks watching us play, which is quite encouraging because that means possibly more players for the game.  The ping pong and bean-bag toss games really help with the foot traffic at Cadillac Square Park.

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