Thursday, October 11, 2012

Five Points Lost on a Shot Cochonnet

Here is today's error made by Team Captain Jeff W.
 We have been playing petanque across the street in Campus Martius Park.  The piste is quite tricky as it has water features which moisten and soften the ground in spots, wile dramatic slopes in other areas.  You really have to know the ground in order to lay in a boule.  Sometimes, you'd need to point 6 feet to the left or right just to allow for the slope of the ground.  Of course, this is an opportunity for getting around obstacles, but only if you can read the terrain.  It reminds me of the importance of playng on different surfaces because when one travels to other clubs you're not always used to the type of ground encountered.  While the USA team was away in Marseille, I texted Ziggy and asked him what techniques they'd use and avoid.  He told me that the ground is tricky, and that the plombe (high arc) doesn't work on that sort of gsurface, but Tir au Fer does.  (see photo below form Juan)

Check out the large rocks mixed in with the pea gravel

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Boules de Leon Petanque Club said...

Your "better move" above would be to bump your own boule on the right. That would then hit the opponent's boule (hopefully out), your boule would lose energy from striking the opponent's boule and the cochonnet is less likely to move. It presumably went left, hit your boule and bounced off to the right. With the shot I described above, the angles are less likely that would happen and if it did it would be more likely to ricochet into your own struck boule, leaving you with 3-4 points.