Thursday, October 04, 2012

World Petanque Championships Start up in Marseilles

While we've been grooming our Detroit players for greatness, other players have ascended to the World Championships for Triplettes and Shooting in Marseilles, France.  48 countries (teams) compete in Shooting and Triplettes contests. Today begins the big world event for Juan Garcia, Ziggy Kessouagni, Pascal Corchia, and Peter Mathis.  They are guided by their coach: Didier Bloch and represented with a delegation head: Philippe Boets (of Petanque America).  Today (Oct 4th) is the shooting competition.  Pascal is listed for that competition and it involves various points awarded for hitting different boule/cochonnet set-ups.  
advance to about the 5 minute mark

Nick, back from Spain, has to re-learn the foot fault rules - else, stand on his toes
Sam, ever nimble, executes his high arc plombes

His Excellency, Fred, likes to drop his boules with a noisy clatter just as an opponent is pointing
Today's game was with a surprising result as we (Jeff/Nick/Abu/Sam) were pointing really great as compared with Fred/Pat/Tim/Maury - we thought we'd really cream our opponents.  But after the fourth round of excellent pointing - we really had nothing to show for it point-wise.  We didn't capitalize on our opponent's using up all of their boules and leaving openings for us to add to our tally.  By the fifth round, they were warmed up to the terrain and out pointing and out shooting us.  Really, it was our own fault for not grabbing those early points fast enough.

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