Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Father and Son Take the Piste and Show their Genetic Sports Prowess

Father and Son at the Petanque Courts (Maury B. and Tom B.)

 13  Jeff,  Jeff  Tim
10 Fred  Pat Nick
The game started off with us (Team-Jeff) absolutely slaughtering our competition, perhaps going for the 13/0 skunk.  But then Team-Pat inched their way up the ladder, earning themselves 10 points rapidly before taking the 13/10 loss.
13  Jeff  Fred
4  Tom B.  Maury B.  Tim
Tom B. shows his father some very professional petanque pointing
Maury B., recently celebrated his birthday, and a long-time anniversary of his working at his firm.  He brought his son, Tom along to the courts to play a game or two and show us that his sports skills were handed down genetically to his son as well.
Long Time Player, Jeff, Returns to the Piste for Excellent Pointing
 We haven't seen Jeff for years, but he's been practicing with his own set of boules and it showed today when he put in point after point with his "rapid backspin" style of boule throwing.
Tim takes advantage of the new food court at Cadillac Square Park

Team-Pat Catches Up Quickly

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