Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Sam, Bocce Player, Shows Us His Supreme Skills

 While setting up to play today (Wednesday) Sam came over as an interested bocce player to try out petanque.  We immediately conscripted him into the game and fortunately he was on my team because he was terrific.  He shot away boule after boule with ease.  I recall, years ago, when our club played in a competition against bocce players and the bocce players outperformed us handily.  If you're ever up in Lake Orion, at the Palazzo di Bocce, if you look in the trophy case, you'll see a big silver cup they won in that competition.
Sam surprised us all with his bocce expertise translated into expert boule shooting
 5  Tall Jeff   Jeff  Tim  Abu  Sam  (Abu filled in for whem Sam left)
13  Pat  Fred  Maury  Nick

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