Sunday, April 02, 2006

DPC Defectors Seen on Sunday?

Three DPC members seen at first official MPC meet. James, Cheryl, and Celia of DPC joined Dan, Dave, Cyrille, Joyce, Lindsey, Hal and Joe on Sunday. The piste was a bit soft in the morning, but soon firmed up after a few sneek peeks of the sun later in the day. By next week, the MPC should be running on all cylinders! (PS I made this picture purposely "pixely" because it drives Jeff crazy! ;-)

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Jeppy said...

Congrats to MPC for their season opener. I'm happy that members from both clubs can freely participate at both pistes.

Actually, James and Cheryl mainly go up there to Royal Oak at around 11am to water down (muddy) the pist with the hose hidden in the shrubs.