Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Getting to the Point - the Intelligent Cochonnet

At the 9th Edition of Doctoriales of Grenoble on April 2, 2006, the innovative team of Mathieu Fenoll, Pierre-Alexandre Deveau, Loic Maisonnasse, and Remi Galland (all between the ages of 25 and 30) received second place Prize for Innovation with their doctoral project: “Getting To the Point” aimed at the development of an intelligent cochonnet.

The intelligent cochonnet changes color according to the nearest boule thanks to a system of electro-luminescent diodes, microcomponents and transmitters.
The cochonnet communicates with surrounding boules, distances are calculated, and the closest boule is designated by a changing color of the diodes inside the cochonnet. (For example: glowing red for one team, and blue for the other). Automatic posting of scores is also possible as the cochonnet relays information to a scoreboard.

What can this mean to petanque in the future? No longer will there be arguments among players of “who is closest?” or “what is the score?”

While some petanque players may respond, “I refuse to give up my measuring tape!”
others may welcome the intelligent cochonnet. After all, we could put an end to the sometimes heated arguments among players on who is “holding the point

Mathieu Fenoll continues his research with the optimization of electronic microcomponents on flexible supports at Institut National Polytechnique de Grenoble.


Anonymous said...

What we really need is an improvement in the technology of the intelligent petanque partner. So many times the wrong decision is made which costs us 2 or 3 points!

Sammy H.

Anonymous said...

Let's start a pool... The question: "How long do you think it'll take the Petanque management to accept this equipment as permissible?"

My guess is 1.5-2 years.

Anonymous said...

I suppose I can understand the technical need perhaps during a tournement....but hey, half the fun of playing are the lively (and sometimes animated)discussions that take place during the game! Or, one could stay home and play petanque on their computer...(NOT!)