Sunday, March 18, 2007

Photos of Cadillac Square, Detroit

Here are photos from sunday in Cadillac Square which is adjacent to Campus Martius Park in Detroit. As you can see it has un-obstructed petanque playing on 10 pea-gravel smooth courts.

Joe, Cheryl, James, and I tested out the surfaces and they played marvelously.

We look forward to many tournaments on both terrain.

The "folly" at one end of the square seems to bear the names of famous Detroit figures (ex. "Bagley") and looks like a perfect place to distribute trophies and medals.


Petanque America said...

Congratulations, Detroit.
The architects who designed the park deserve a "petanque medal".

Anonymous said...

It looks like the terrain in Seaside, FL. where we had The Florida's Cup in January.