Saturday, March 31, 2007

Saturday was Busy at Campus Martius Park

Today were had the unexpected but welcome visit from Bob from North Carolina. Bob plays petanque with Philippe Boets (owner of Petanque-America) all of the time and we talked about all things boule during our many games.

Afterwards, while taking a late lunch at the nearby Au Bon Pain we met up with Marc; Louis; George; and Miguel. They were touring around Detroit for the day and Joe and I were more than happy to host them in an enjoyable game of petanque.

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Gumper said...

While I was unable to make it on Saturday and, from the looks of the gear everyone was clothed in, it was a good thing, I did shoot down to both the Royal Oak piste and the CM piste on Sunday. It was a glorious afternoon, warm, sunny, not a cloud in the sky and....what?....nobody on the pistes!?! Mon Dieu!
O.K., so the RO piste is still very wet, spongey and could use a top dressing (Joe, will the City of RO assist with that?) the Campus Martius/Cadillac Square terrain was perfect. I hung in there until about 3:30 but.....
In any case, see you all soon.