Monday, May 28, 2007

Cousin Clubs: Fenyx Petanque Club & Detroit Petanque Club

Pavel Kral of the Fenyx Adamov Petanque Club sent me an e-mail telling me he's received the embroidered shirts from the Detroit Petanque Club. As you can see from the photos which Pavel sent to me, it looks like the club needed the shirts quickly! Just kidding! Actually, the photo depicts a 90+ degree day at the Adamov piste where the men have the luxury of playing bareskinned.

Pavel is sending over some shirts from the Fenyx club which Detroit Petanque Club members can wear.

And so, we have forged a cousin club idea where petanque clubs in the United States can link up with petanque clubs in Europe, Australia, and Asia to promote a worldwide family of boule players. I encourage those of you who enjoy reading this blog to do the same. Find clubs in another part of the world, in a different country, a different continent, and start a cousin club relationship with them.

To Pavel, Jirka, and Renata of the Fenyx club - hello cousins!


Jeff said...

Great idea Jeff, will try and put into practice over here

philippe said...

Great idea, Jeff & Pavel.
Looking forward to the day Detroit goes to Adamov, and vice versa.
I may well join you -- small world -- my dad spent a year in Brno as a young man (in 1932!) and had wonderful stories about the area.
Here's Adamov on Google maps:
Excellent beer too!!

Jeppy said...

A trip to Prague and Brno would be a nice one. My wife, Denise, is looking for us to go on a vacation to Budapest and Praque areas.

Anonymous said...

Hello jeppy, Jeff and Philippe: Thanks to jeff for his nice article and to the others for their nice comments! The idea of cousin clubs is great. We are proud to be Detroit Petanque Club cousin club !
Philippe: I am interested in your dad´s stories about Brno.