Friday, May 04, 2007

The E5 Digital Petanque Score Keeper - Get Yours!

What do you get the petanquer who has everything? You get them the E5 digital petanque scorer.

Not only does it keep score for both teams, but it automatically shows you the point difference (how much the opposition has to catch up to your team).

Sure, you can keep a mental note of the score, you can also use the classic leatherette scorer - but for the gadget hungry petanque enthusiast: digital is the way to go...

I don't sell 'em, but here's how I bought mine and how you can get your own for around $19 including shipping:

Go to EBAY, type in the search terms: LCD Hand Tally Counter

You'll see a few different counters come up on your screen, find the E5 (E5-1804 specifically - the other counters don't have the right # of readouts for petanque) - select it, buy it, and enjoy it.

Yes, in essence, it is a counter for crowd attendence, hotdog eating contests, whatever, but it has 4 configurations (you'll want mode 2) which makes the top left and right LCD readouts for the 2 team scores, and the bottom center for the score difference.


Anonymous said...

Thanks Jeff! I just bought one.

Anonymous said...

Cool. I found it to be very easy to use, and I didn't have to worry about "Do I have 6 points or just 5..." because each point counts!