Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Dawid Kept the Tournament Operations Running at Cyber speeds

Dawid, chief of technological operations and mathematical calculations for the Chicago tournament did an excellent job of utilizing his fine-tuned ranking system to ensure that teams of similar rankings played each other.

Little did Dawid know but I installed a computer virus on his laptop that morning which would ensure that my team: Jeff & Hal, would bubble right near the top in 4th place.

But seriously, Dawid gave up the temptation of playing in the tournament to ensure that everything ran correctly. It is an admirable sacrifice.

We even see Dawid performing dangerous heroics like retrieving a children's kite caught in the baseball backstop.
It was that, or maybe he was raising the Chicago Petanque Club's banner to be a slight bit higher than the Michigan Petanque Club's banner...

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