Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Philippe Boets Knows How to Use His Balls

Philippe of Petanque-America isn't just a pretty face who supplies us with the best petanque boules in the world -- he also knows how to use them - VERY accurately. During pauses in the Saturday tournament in Chigago, Philippe made sure to keep the player's digits limber by challenging them to pick-up games on free pistes.

It was also Philippe who offered up all of those gift certificate raffles for Petanque-America goodies.

I believe Roland and Gerard won ones for $40 a piece!

Here we see Philippe being the gentle ambassador of petanque, talking with the folks from Louisville.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

In Provence, what is the best :
to be a good "pointeur"
or a good "tireur"
in this famous activity
which is called "LA PETANQUE"
Please transmit to Philippe, on my behalf
Ray (near Eyragues)
I'm sure he will understand.
"FĂȘte du good travail", as we say here.
It might take me a long time to learn.
But I will take my time, as from today.