Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Pavel Kral wins at Ratisovice - all 6 of his games!

Pavel Kral of the Fenyx Adamov Petanque Club won a huge tournament this past weekend, in Ratisovice, along with Ivana Brezinova and Nada Colakovova (of HTP Trebic).
This prized trophy will travel the victory circuit to Adamov for 4 months, and then to Trebic for 8 months (2 winners there) and then back to Ratisovice. If Pavel wins (when he wins!) the trophy 2 more times, it’s his for good!

Details on the tournament look good: Pavel won ALL of his games (6 games - 3 in beginning, then Quarter/Semi/Finals) where he beat Ivan Kousal’s team 15:13

Finals are played to 15 points. The final ran like this: 3:3; 3:9 (!); then 10:13, and finally Fenyx pulled ahead for the 15:13 win.
More important, Pavel said that it was fun!

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