Sunday, August 26, 2007

Hard Rock Detroit Doublettes Tournament

Here are a series of photos from the tournament on Saturday.

You can also see photos at two locations:

Philippe's Slideshow:



Jeff's Slideshow

Congrats to the tournament winners:

Ziggy (Chicago) & Mamary (Philly) for the Top-Tier Gold

Pat (Detroit) & Tim (Detroit) for the Top-Tier Silver

Roland (Michigan) and Gerard (Michigan) for the Consolante Gold

Wayne (Detroit) and Loic (Chicago) for the Consolante Silver

Big thanks to Philipe Boets for flying in to assist with the tournament, and in offering his generous friendship, advice, and Petanque America gifts at the Hard Rock Cafe dinner.

Additional thanks to Denise Burgy and Greg & Cyrille Didierjean for crunching the tournament numbers in setting up the team play.

More thanks to Rae Dombrowski of the Hard Rock Cafe Detroit for sponsoring the Hard Rock Cafe prizes and making our dinner celebration work out so smoothly.

Big thank you to Heather Badrack and Njia Kai of the Detroit 300 Conservancy for managing and keeping the Cadillac Square (and Campus Martius Park) looking so nice and ensuring the they would be available for little get-together on Saturday.

And last but certainly not the least,
a thank you to all who came to the event, players and petanque fans, and family. Together we withstood the afternoon rain, and turned the day into an enjoyable and long lasting memory. Let's do it again!


Anonymous said...

Joe Z's wins the Best Uniform By a Team Award - Hands Down!


Sorry I missed it, but Mo was representing.

Anonymous said...

Agreed, but Jeanette Lorente takes the award for having more outfits than anyone.

Jeppy said...

I agree, Jeanette wins for best dressed, but Aueesa comes in second!

Johhny Prince told me that organizing an event can be an incredibly nervewracking experience - but, when everyone had a fun and competitive time, and you're riding home from the event knowing people really enjyed themselves, it makes it completely worthwhile.

Thank you thank you thank you for all coming out on Saturday. Some seeing Detroit for the first time, some having returned from being in Detroit years and years ago - I think our city has given folks a fresh new and positive look at the Motor City - and they can tell their family and friends what a nice (perhaps slightly damp!) time they had.