Friday, August 17, 2007

The MS Cara Inox boules have arrived in Detroit

Philippe Boets of Petanque-America has been kindly offering a wide selection of boules, beyond Obut, to his customers. I had my eye on these MS Cara's ever since I saw them being used down in the Miami Open tournament a few years ago. (I think it was Erin Mc Taggart who had 'em)

Deciding upon the weight and size was pretty easy. I've found that using the lighter leisure boules on a daily basis made getting 680 grams a no-brainer. As for the size, I'm used to the 74mm so that was a given.

I've a friend in the Czech Republic, Pavel Kral, who wants an update on how they play because he also has an eye on getting them.

The boule bag is actually a bottle carrier from Nicaragua (acquired via E-Bay of course!) and seems to be the perfect tote for the new boules.


Anonymous said...

Jeff, Congratulations on your new set of Boules, they look GREAT and you have a good memory, Erin from Sonoma was the one in Miami with a set.



Anonymous said...

Thanks Juan. I'm counting on the surface helping with my backspin.