Friday, August 31, 2007

Backstage Boule at the Detroit Jazz Festival

It was a tad more difficult to find an open space in Detroit to play our lunchtime boule - so we just went backstage!

The Chase Stage is being set up for the Detroit Jazz Festival, and some of this evening's bands were testing out their equipment.

We we invited to the backstage area to play our lunchtime petanque - Gene, Sharon, Abu, Mike, Aueesa, and Jeff played a nice triplette - 12/12 with Team: Jeff/Aueesa/Abu taking the 13th point.

As for Saturday's petanque prospects... I took a look around Campus Martius Park and Cadillac Square and didn't really see any space that wouldn't be filled by the thousands of jazz fans that'll be downtown starting tonight. So, NO PETANQUE for Saturday - at least, no petanque in the Campus Martius Park/Cadillac Square areas. BUT, that's a good thing sometimes... you can enjoy this annual Jazz Festival instead.

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