Friday, September 07, 2007

Coupe de la Ville de Brno - Triplettes

My friend, Pavel Kral, of the Fenyx Petanque Club in the Czech Republic reports on his success last weekend at the Brno International Triplettes competition.

Fenyx ranked 24th out of 75 top teams, including players from France, Austria, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia, and of course the Czech Republic. Included among the participants was the Silver Medalist from the European Championship held in Turkey last month.

Pavel and his wife, Renca played along with Martin Jakes (Martin is in the middle in the three-person photo).

They won 13:6 in their first match against Team Krumsin (Czech) and lost 6:13 verses Team Slope Brno despite having the initial lead 6:2. Then they went on to beat Team Hungaria 13:2 (wow!) and then turned a 5:10 game against Team POP Praha into a victory 13:10 For their last match they went against the Czech Repre Team (with the Silver Medalist from Europe Championship) which resulted in a 1:13 loss. But it was good to get a point in on such a difficult team.

With their scores, Team Fenyx went into the B-Final qualifiers, playing Team POP Praha again with a bad start 0:8 turning into a 7:13 loss. Pavel and his team were very happy with their result: 24th out of 75 extremely good, prestige teams.

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