Tuesday, May 27, 2008

No Sleep for the Wicked - World Record Breaker Celebration Continues

With a day off from Petanque on Monday, I jumped back into the middle of "all things boule" with my "48" Jimmie Johnson hat (good marketing angle there, #48 is an easy number to get on items) by enjoying a lunchtime of petanque playing at Cadillac Square. There was a marching band in Campus Martius - and a lifesized replica of one of the racing stunt planes they'll be flying at the Red Bull Air Race next Sunday.

Back at the office folks were all excited about our World Record Breaker event and even had a cake made to celebrate the 48 hours. Sorry, I'd upload a slice to you all, but my bandwidth isn't THAT wide.

Then I gave a short display of petanque in the office, using the smooth carpet as a piste. My first boule ended up inside one of the offices.


Anonymous said...

Jeff your hair looks so much nicer now.
Thanks for picking us up at the Airport and the guided tour of downtown Detroit.


Anonymous said...

Thanks Juan - my hair often has a life of it's own!

I really ought to get down to Florida to see you guys.


Anonymous said...

Anytime Jeff, I have two empty Bedrooms.

Jeppy said...

Bedrooms?! But you know I prefer a tent!

Anonymous said...

Word on the steet is that wherever Juan sleeps, he wakes up in a tent.
Careful Jeff!