Sunday, May 04, 2008

Sunday in Royal Oak

It was a delightful day up in Royal Oak, with the dappled shade, not too hot, not too cold, and plenty of boulers to compete with. Joe's friend Alex brought us tons of submarine sandwiches, and Joe even cooked up his own style of Petanque Sausages though the stuffing is a bit... tough.

Present were: Joe Z., Jeff B., Jeff W., James H., Cheryl D., Michael, Denise B., Eric Z., Dan C., Ian, Alex, plus a ton of others faces too new for me to remember names (sorry).

Also there were no less than four dogs: Celia (Havanese); Bentley (Havanese); Tzu-Tzu (Corgi/Westie mix); and a big ole doggie with aq victorian collar (black lab mix).



hdarpini said...
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hdarpini said...

Looks like everyone had fun... I'm sorry I had to miss. Brigitte and I will be there next Sunday (and maybe we'll try to get Eric and Maude from Windsor to stop by as well).

Anonymous said...

Bummer...I couldn't be there..had to work (sigh!). kit

Anonymous said...

It's okay, you'llhave plenty of opportunities all season long. See you there!


philippe said...

I don't think I have ever seen Joe with pants!

Anonymous said...

Did you just "OUT" Joe?!?
Denise is not gonna like that.