Monday, November 10, 2008

Andonian "The Sniper" Makes Every Shot

Tough day to try and beat Honigman. Raphael/Jeff/Matt did well in the first game against Maury/Pat/Tim 13 to 4 - but by the second game (the Revenge match) the tables were turned as Pat turned on fire with his shooting... making, I'd say 90% of his shots. There was simply no way to shut the Honigman Bros. down as they amassed point after point. I was concerned that they'd do a fanny on us - actually...
But a few lucky breaks, and we got in our three - resulting in a 13/3 victory for Pat/Maury/Tim.

Despite the weather being in the low 30's and a lght dusting of snow on the ground, we played a nice set of games today.

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