Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Kevin Tops the Rankings

Pat, Maury, and I were determined to beat Kevin & Tim today as a win would topple Maury from the rankings and king Kevin for the top place. The cold weather was an ally - or so we thought, as each minute made Kevin's shooting hand more and more frigid (and less accurate). Our playing was tough, but the opposition was gaining a point per end (round) - slowly building a lead. Unfortunately for us, the piste was a bit on the short side and so Maury's usual long-shot pointing was tampered with. In the end, Kevin pulled ahead sufficiently to place #1.
I crunched the math: Fortunately, for Maury, all he'd need is to win a game 13/3 or two games 13/6 to be back on top again!

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hdarpini said...

My chapeau is off to you, playing in such adverse conditions.