Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Raise the White Flag - We Surrender!

Pat and Maury are an unbeatable combination. Like yesterday, they cleaned the court with their competition.

I thought with my partners: Tim and Matt (and Pat's less than 100% shooting) that we'd be able to get a win (or two) but nope, nada, nothing...

Instead, we lost both games, the first, a horrible 13/6 and that was after leading the opposition 5 to nothing! They came back with 5 points in a single round, then went on for 5 more rounds where we didn't earn a point.

The second game (played to 7 points) was concluded with a 11/13 loss !

Today's strategy was "cochonnet distance" - Pat and Maury favored the longer 10 meter distance, while my team went with the shorter 6-7 meter distance. Our theory was that Maury would over-throw the short ball, and that Pat was not used to shooting at a close boule.

BUT, since we harldy had the chance to throw the cochonnet - Pat and Maury always went long - and even the fates were against us as the cochonet was moved to our opponent's position quite a few times during the game.

Note: using cochonnet distance is a very good method for controlling the game. If you notice a particular advantage with your team (and/or disadvantage with your opponents) in using a long or short distance - then by all means use that to you gain.

Article 7 of the rules states (in part):

For the thrown jack to be legal, the following conditions apply:

(1) The distance from it to the nearest edge of the circle must be between 6 meters minimum and 10 meters maximum. [~ 19.5 feet to 33 feet)

(2) The nearest edge of the circle must be 1 meter from all obstacles and at least 1 meter inside the boundary of the playing area. (if area is bounded).

(3) The jack must be at least 1 meter minimum from all obstacles and from the boundary of the playing area.

(4) The jack must be visible to the player whose feet are entirely inside the circle and who is standing upright. In cases of dispute, the umpire will decide if the jack is visible and there can be no appeal.

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