Monday, May 03, 2010

Excellent and Close Game today

VIDEO from today.
a truly well fought game. My team had the advantage (7 points gained in 1 round) placing us in a 10 to 3 lead. I thought perhaps it'd be over by 12:30 pm but Pat's team took nearly every subsequent round at 1 point per round, building to an 11 to 10 lead. Nice come-back.
We fought for each and every boule, with everyone pointing and shooting -replacing boules with their own and so forth. We also played on the difficult
"tournament" court - tricky in places...
Finally, at 12 to 12... the final round.
AND it was down to the last boule after I snuck one in for the close pointing. Pat went for a smashup hoping some of his front position would fall into place. But it was not to be. 13/12 Done!
Abu nudged to the top of the rankings. . .

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