Friday, May 14, 2010

Fred K. - M.V.P. for the Game

Pat; Fred; and I started off a bit behind scorewise, and then when Mob Rob joined us, we thought perhaps our fate was sealed... our adversaries were pointing superstars (TimC.; TimW.; Maury; Eric C.) and also shooters so it didn't look good. We were losing 7 to 4.

But Fred K. came through big time with point after point sneaking into the competition's ranks. Plenty of rounds we'd be sitting with everything thrown, and then waiting on the enemy with plenty of ammo to use. But our defensive walls or boule positioning kept them from capitalizing. The waiting didn't reduce our anxiety however. There was a round when they got 5 boules on us!

Catching up, Rob was playing strong, but Fred was MVP - rolling in the crucial stuff. Pat and I, just wall decoration. We even argued about strategy - everyone was... fun!

Finally, it was 11 to 11 - we had the point, but only 1 boule left (mine) and they had 4 boules to use. Open position, mid-range. I didn't feel confident about shooting, so if they rolled anything close, I think we'd be in a tough spot. As luck would have it, all of their boules deflected left (waaay left), leaving an opening for our 13th boule. a nice game!


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