Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Improved Ranking System ver.2.0 - Thanks Watkins!

Most of the players know (by now) that we kept tally of the scores for every game played, and inputted those stats into an excel spreadsheet (manufactured by the Clinton Corporation) which gave the winners 2 points (plus a factor of the point spread) and losers only 1 point.

Verson 2.0 factors in the point spread for ranking the losers of each game. Tim W. realized after we beat Abu in both games 13/12 that Abu - though he played great games, lost by 1 point. He shouldn't just get 1 point for all of his hard work, but instead, a rank representative of his effort... in this case: 1.7 points.

By using a sliding scale for losers as well as winners - all of the players have a vested interest in the game progress. Before this system, if you were losing, you may have felt: "Heck, I'm going to get one point whether I lose by 1 point or by 10 so why try" whereas now, with the WatkinsRankingSystem, you'll want to decrease that point differential as much as you can. Thanks Tim, this is a great improvement on the system.

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Jeff said...

Hi, I have just set up a new club and would like to use you system. Could you let us know how to get hold of it