Thursday, July 29, 2010

Demonstration of Petanque to the Infinity Group at Cadillac Square Park

Maggie Greene, of Honigman Miller, organized a group of ladies to come and learn about petanque today. While noshing on catered foodies, the ladies, joined by our regular club members, were given a quick lesson on the proper way to toss a boule as well as some of the strategy behind winning. Then we split into two large games and bouled around for the afternoon. The nice thing about petanque is its social aspect - lending itself to leisurely conversations while putting the work stress behind you for an hour. Thought new to the sport, the ladies picked up the techniques quickly and were rolling boules in like champions after only a few rounds. We hope to see them return.

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Petanque America said...

Love the umbrellas!!
Hope they stay throughout the summer.