Monday, July 12, 2010

First Day of Bastille Day Tournament Went Swimmingly

Inspired by the mini-tournament held by the Ann Arbor Petanque Club in Ann Arbor this past weekend: slideshow I decided, in honor of Bastille Day (see info), to hold a week long petanque tournament during our afternoon games. The first game of each afternoon session (12-1pm Cadillac Square Park in Detroit) will count towards points in a tournament talley with randomized teams. After the games played on Friday, I shall count of the individual player wins (as well as the points won verses lost) and award prizes (to be determined). If you haven't stopped by, please do so - you need not play every day because even if you win 2 games over 2 days time, you might fare well against folks that might lose 4 games over 4 days and only 1 win. Point is, have fun!

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