Thursday, July 01, 2010

July Begins Tough for Some

Upon reflection, yes, June seems to be a better month for me - with two really bad losses in one afternoon! Still though, we did improve 100% from the previous game...

After the 13/0 loss but before the 2nd game began, there were some who wished for a re-mix of players (the teams were selected by random GIANT coin tosses). But I chose to have a revenge match with the same teams... Why? because: A) switching teams after a big loss only underscores a feeling of defeat; B) playing the right strategy and a little luck can sway a mismatched player game.

Second game: 13/1 Twas okay with me, as I knew going in we were the underdog team, so we really just strove to play our personal best - and get a few points.

The standings have certainly changed, with Buzz knocked down to 5th position, and Tim C. and Pat A. neck-in-neck for first!

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