Friday, October 01, 2010

Cool Weather at Cadillac Square Park

[click on photos to enlarge them]

Buzz came by with his friend, Mike (not Mikey, a different Mike) - who was lobbing in boules like an expert. I can see already that we have a brand new pro-pointer in our midst.

The winning boule, by the way, was made by Mike when he rolled (at 10 meters) his last boule through a 4 inch gap in the opposition's front wall - to land a 13th point. Well done!

The game was quite evenly matched, as both teams were at 9 points before our team pulled ahead for the win. Of course, the 5-points we earned in the very first round didn't hurt either...

NOTE: as the cold weather establishes itself, the players all (well mostly) agreed to play across the street at Campus Martius Park (in the Sun!) Starting Monday, let's all meet over there and stay a bit warmer! If you haven't yet played petanque at Campus Martius Park, you'll enjoy it...

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