Friday, October 08, 2010

Pat Knocks Cochonnet Twice (for 9 points)

It is wise to keep Article-13(2) of the Rules in mind, especially when Pat is playing because he was solely responsible for 9 of his team's 13 points with two solid cochonnet strikes.

The teams were pretty evenly matched. Both sides had plenty of shooters and pointers - plus careful strategy.

In the final round, it was 8/9, and we had too many boules far from the cochonnet. My hope was to use our last three boules to tie up the front position and lay a "safety" boule in the back in case Pat would go for the cochonnet. Unfortunately, my "safety" boule landed short and captured the point... Not good when it happens to be my team's last boule and the opposition has six boules left to use!

Pat knew there was none of our boules in the back - so he went for the logically sound Article-13 cochonnet hit... and made it successfully for 5 more points (and the win).

Congrats to everyone for a tight well-played game.

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