Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Team Honigman Trumps Miller Canfield and Klugman Empire

In a display of sheer might, the Honigman Brothers (Pat A./Maury B./Tim C.) trounced Team Canfield (Jeff W./Clark C./Lin Y.) 13 to 1... admittedly, the Honigman team used their vastly superior experience against my relatively newer players ... so we were happy tro "steal" a skunking away from them!

With Thirteen players - the games spilled on to two courts (and back to Cadillac Square Park for the space!)

Team Klugman did well, handily beating the Alpha Team 13 to 1 (also another team composed of relatively newer players).

I'd say we should break-up the Honigman team for future games so the game play won't be so lopsided... but it was worthwhile to see how out-matched teams fared against tough odds.

Likely, with the weather turning nicer, we should play back on our usual Cadillac Square Park stomping grounds. See you there!

Congrats to Team Honigman for the Double-Wins. And to Scott T. and Clark C. for ascending to the 10+ rankings.

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