Monday, October 31, 2011

What Happens When Cochonnet is Accidently Struck by Opponent's Body?

Today, Pat struck the cochonnet with his boule, but his teammate, standing nearby, accidently blocked the cochonnet's travel off the Court, and it bounced back on to the court.  We, as the opposing team, chose to (i) leave the cochonnet in its new position.  (We didn't "mark" the cochonnet's original position and so we couldn't choose options ii or iii.   But, we were happy for the accident as it prevented Pat's team from getting 4 or more points on an Article-13 (cochonnet off the court).    Pat's shooting, by the way, with the house boules was very successful.  He might leave his "lead bombs" back at his office.

Article 14 – Positioning the Jack after it has been Stopped

(a) If the jack, having been hit, is stopped by a spectator or by the Umpire, it remains where it stops.

(b) If the jack, having been hit, is stopped by a player, his opponent has the choice of:

(i) leaving the jack in its new position.

(ii) putting it back in its original position.

(iii) placing it anywhere on the extension of a line from its original position to where it is found up to a maximum distance of 20m (15m for Cadets and Minors) and such that it is visible.

Abu leapt out of the way of the cochonnet numerous times, gaining considerable height in his jumps.

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