Wednesday, March 07, 2012

March in like a Lamb... for Petanque in Detroit

Team Abu seizes double victory against Team Pat in the first outdoor game of 2012
Score: Abu/Fred/Jeff 13/7  Pat/Maury 7/13
Abu/Fred/Jeff 13/11 (7/5)  Pat/aury/Tim 11/13 (5/7)

 Lots of people walking in the relatively warmer air today at Campus Martius Park.  We even had a few film and camera opportunities as Dan Mears from the Detroit News and another (unrelated) fellow with a video camera on a tripod took footage of us.
The surface was admittedly a bit hard, and we're so used to the seam that runs down the center of the court in the indoor games that it took us time to adjust

Team Pat was stumped by Abu's excellent and crucial pointing.  Sure, there were plenty of 1-point take-backs but in the end, we grabbed up all of the points, even greedily devouring 4 at one round.
 The indoor games will continue, as this break in the weather can't last long.  NBut you can be sure that we'll be out in the warmth come April/May for our 7th year at Campus Martius Park.

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