Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Team-Abu/Pat makes a Double Win on Tuesday

Fred and Jeff took advantage of being outside at the Cadillac Square petanque courts early to take some test throws, which works for a round or two in the first game until Pat & Abu caught on and began pulling in points rapidly for their team.  It wasn't long before Pat and Abu took that game in an alarming, 13 to 7 finish.

In the second game, Jeff & Fred were joined with Tim against the bullying Pat & Abu team.  Pat & Abu ascended early out of the gate, gathering 8 points rather quickly to our 1 point.  The courtyard echoed Abu's hearty laughs as they left us sitting on a single point - a point given to us in accident.  But then Jeff won a carreau, which worked as an intimidation factor towards a gameplay turnaround.  Team-Pat and Abu watched us gain point after point, his feet becoming colder and colder, and with a meeting coming due, Pat was in an anxious position after we tied the game up at 12 to 12.

Tommy Bahama and Brandon the Sax player came to watch us, and the final boule failed the re-take the point as Pat and Abu ran back to their offices victorious.

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