Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Big Comeback Spells Upset for Team Abu/Pat/Maury

Today's game offered up a quick lead for Team/Abu/Pat/Maury, holding 9 points to Team Tom/Tim/Jeff's measly 4 points.  But new energy and firm pointing from Tom converted the somber atmosphere into celebration as our close pointing wasn't even approached by our adversary.  A difficult tir-au-fer (shooting metal to metal) shot together with way wide pointing from the opposition left us sitting on 12/10 and finally making the 13th point for the win. 
 At the team selection process in the beginning of the game, Pat picked up Maury thinking he'd be holding 3 boules for use, but his 3rd team member, Abu converted that plan into 2 boules a piece, no advantage.

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