Sunday, July 15, 2007

Bastille Day at Albion, Michigan

My friend, Mark Anthony invited me to participate at French Day at the Albion summer camp. The day's program was organized by Ms. Mueller who had an assortment of French cultural activities planned, food, music, and of course, Petanque!

Mark and I taught 130 campers (ages 9-13) how to play petanque. A challenge - yes, but by implementing some of the tricks learned from my wife, Denise (who teaches K-5 kids) I had some ideas.

The first session (the older 13 year olds) included a mix of some students who were visiting from the South of France, so I was fortunate in having a few petanque coaches available to assist me. We broke up into a multitutde of triplettes and everyone enjoyed the friendly competition. The second session was composed of the younger campers 9 & 10 year olds - who are, by the way, more disciplined than the 13 year olds - they took to the rules of the game easily, and seemed to concentrate on the strategy of boule-play.

The day was a magnificent success, and ended nicely with a "thank you" gathering in the cafeteria - and a special gift of Pastis from Ms. Mueller who really put together a splendid day for us all.

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