Monday, July 09, 2007

Henri Salvador VMS Boules

In 1995 Henri Salvador proposed his own version of top-of-the-range petanque boules VMS (S Salvador).

This splendid boule design resembles the Boules Cloutees (nailed boules of old) and has the advantage of an anti-rebound structure.

Players who own them claim they are a pleasure to play in competition - and they attract many second glances at such an unusual boule.

I'm not selling them, I just saw them listed on French EBAY

Price... 180 Euros (plus postage!)

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Jeff said...

I have used the VMS for the last two years and have found them a very good boule. Yes everyone wants to know where the pin is and they are always a talking point.
You need to spend a little time finding out how they play in different weather and terrain types. But all in all I rate them as a good boule