Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Teaching Petanque in Albion, Michigan

Here are some great photos from Mark Anthony Arceno, taken during the petanque matches on French Day at Albion's Summer program run by Ms. Mueller.

While I have taught petanque to many adults over the years, never have I taught it to so many young adults. It was quite an experience, and everything went very smoothly.

Teaching to the 13 year olds was quite different from teaching to the 9 and 10 year olds. I also used different "petanque tools" for the younger children - one of which is a bright yellow golf ball in lieu of the cochonnet. I also placed down round rubber "placemats" for the younger kids to use as standing circles.

Ms. Mueller also hosted a group of visiting students from France who participated in the event. They assisted the students new to boule by showing them the different types of throws and strategy.

After a round or two, the kids really got into their games, being very friendly competitive and using the strategies learned from previous games.

At the conclusion of the day, I was invited into the school cafeteria where all of the students offered their thanks for the fun we had that day, and Ms. Mueller presented my with a bottle of Pastis from Marseille.

I really enjoyed myself that day, and after describing the event to the club members the following days, they too wish to participate the next time we're invited to Albion!

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