Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Lost in Brooklyn

Not just petanque games were lost in Brooklyn, there were some other things as well. Namely, Philippe Boet's digital camera with hundreds of photos in the memory of the entire Bastille Day weekend, as well as Joe Z.'s cellphone which had hundreds of telephone numbers in it (probably 90% women) - kidding. So, if anyone back on Smith Street, or thereabouts sees a digital camera speaking in French, or a cellphone trying to shoot ... let me know!


Anonymous said...

UPDATE: I called Joe's phone and someone in Jackson Heights answered. Alex said he can mail the phone back, just needs an address.

As for Philippe's digital camera, I tried calling it, but no answer...

-Jeff W.

philippe said...

And my camera has been found as well!!
It's on its way to me, so look out for the "mother of all petanque albums" on our blog soon.

Anonymous said...

Aha! Who would have thought that these two items would ever find their way back to their owners? And yet, they have! So, New York isn't such a heartless place after all!

Jeff W.