Thursday, April 02, 2009

Maury Saves the Day with a Crucial Pointing

Game one brought Abu (Don't Shoot Point), Rob (Rock'n Rob) and Tim (Peppers) verses Jeff, Kevin, and David (new player) with David putting in some nice points for a new guy. We won 13 to 4.

Game two brought Abu, Jeff and Rob against Kevin, David and Maury. Maury didn't show up until the end, but he was essential for their victory as the score was 8 to 4 (9 point game) and they were behind. My team was sitting with two boules closest to the cochonnet (we were out of boules) and Kevin wasn't able to shoot us away, but Maury laid in a point, taking away our victory and leaving their team in the game 8 to 5. Then in the last round, still 8 to 5, my team held the 9th point on our last boule, but Kevin was able to knock the cochonnet off the piste, giving his team 4 points (Article 13 of the Petanque Rules) 1 point for each of the 4 boules not yet played by his team. Well done!

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Anonymous said...

Did I just see Pat on Howie Do It in the audience?