Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Steampunked Fanny at Cadillac Square

The Fanny in petanque is when one team skunks the other team - in this case, Pat / Tim C./ Aaron beat Tim W. / Jeff W. and Kevin 13 to Zero. I know... terrible. The tradition of the petanque fanny (in France) is that the losing team has to then kiss the bare asses of the winning team. We don't subscribe to those French rules in Detroit (it might get us arrested!)

The second game went better for us, with Brandon joining our team for a 13/8 victory.

NOTE: Aaron, Renaissance man that he is sported his authentic steampunk look on the piste today. Steampunk is a design/style which combines Victorian romantic times with contemporary technology. Think Jules Verne's Nautilus Submarine.

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