Thursday, April 23, 2009

Anne Joins the Petanque Club in Detroit

Today's games were joined by new player, Anne C. who has petanqued before, but swears she isn't a high-stakes petanque ringer. We played two doublettes, with my team (Jeff/Anne) doing rather well initially against Hal & Tim. Then we were joined by Abu. The tide changed somewhat (nothing to do with Abu!) and before we knew it, it was 10/5 Hal/Tim - they went in for the kill with a 3-boule to 13/5 victory. Over on Court-2; Pat was teamed up with Mikey-D. who squashed Kevin and Tim W. in a 13/5 slaughter. What really clinched it was the 5-boule points Pat's team wwon by knocking out the cochonnet. But in the second game, Kevin and Tim W. got their revenge, with a 13/11 win (7 point conversion to 13).

All in all, a nice day for boule.

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