Friday, April 24, 2009

Bocce Shared the Courts with Petanque Today

Today's games were quite fun. We could almost run three doublettes, and shall do so next week I'm sure. Bascially, when we start up the team selections, we pull out all of the shooters and distribute them evenly, then these team captains select their pointing partners. Keep in mind, an experienced played linked with a relatively inexperienced player makes the game more fun as your skills are required even more against a tougher opponent. At the same time the new players are getting a good lesson from their partner and the opposition.

Maury is in New York next week, and he'll try out the La Boule Newyorkaise pistes in Bryant Park. Have fun Maury!

What a beautiful warm Friday it was... with warm breezes, it was almost tropical. VIDEO

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