Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Cool Weather for Cool Playing

MCPS is showing full-force these days against the Honigman group as the petanque pistes heat up for the upcoming tournament (in about 2 weeks). Today's team mixes pitted newly returned Pat A. with Scott T. (strong shooting and pointing team) against very good pointer: Clark C. and Jeff W. (50/50 shooter). The first game, Jeff/Clark scored 4 points and it was looking good until Pat/Scott got 4 points the very next round, then followed up with a 6 point (!) gain the 3rd round. Sheesh! It was an up-hill climb to get another 2 points before Pat/Scott sealed out fate: 13/6. Joined by Eric, the tide turned, and we began a steady lead up until the end where we played a "winner gets 13/Loser gets 12 game due to time limitations"

See you tomorrow!

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