Thursday, September 16, 2010

Mark W. is the Petanque Czar - Ruling Above All

In a not-so-surprising turn of events, Pat, who was adamantly opposed to teaming up with Mark W. and Mob-Rob lost a surprising 4/13 against Boule-Czar Mark W. (Mark W./Jeff W./Mob-Rob). We kept them at 4 points (earning 1 point, then another, then 2 points but that's it!) while we smacked away any of their offending closer boules with laser-like precision. Pat's team: Abu M. and Tim C. seemed to be the favored one - but they ended up being too many Chiefs... each having their own different plan of attack. Our own team was a concentrated strategic force and it showed on the court.
In the second game, a five-pointer, an interesting twist in the last round had us sitting on the cochonnet (Jeff & Mob-Rob) at 4 to 3 while Team Abu (Abu/Eric/Mark) has only 2 boules left. Abu was already stating "the game is over..." but I knew better. Eric plowed in his boules for 2 points and the win. Now... the game is over!

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